Beef Brisket
Beef Feet
Beef Finger Bones
Beef Flank Chinese
Beef Hearts 
Beef Intestines
Beef Kidney 
Beef Knuckles
Beef Ox Tails
Beef Plate
Beef Shanks B/In CC
Beef Silver Skins       
Beef Sinews
Beef Striploin
Beef T. Bones
Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tongues
Beef Short Rib
Veal Breast
Beef Knuckles Bones
Beef Shanks/Muscle
Beef Speen
Beef Flank Steak
Scalded Tripe
Dark Tripe


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One Of The Best Meat Supplies In Burnaby 

Lamb & Goat
Lamb Shoulder                          Lamb Leg
Lamb Flank                                 Lamb Necks
Lamb Racks                                Lamb Shanks
Ground Lamb                             Lamb Shoulder Tubed

Goat Carcasses                           AND MORE...


Chicken Breasts                        Chicken Fryers          
Chicken Legs                             Chicken Leg Back/On
Chicken Wingettes                   Chicken Wings
Duck                                          AND MORE...

Processed Meats & Misc.

Beef Sausage                               4x6 Ham
4x4 Ham                                      Ham Patty
Pork Sausages    23.65               Chicken Wieners
Wieners                                       Wieners Beef
B&R Ham                                    Bologna
Bacon                                         All Beef Wiener
Beef Patty                                   AND MORE...


Pork Butt B/In
Pork Butts BNLS
Pork Chop
Pork Ears   
Pork Feet Cut    
Pork Head Meat        
Pork Hearts
Pork Hock Fresh
Pork Jowl
Pork Leg B/In
Pork Leg Bones
Pork Legs BNLS
Pork Liver / Kidney

Pork Tongues
Pork Loin B/In   
Pork Lung             
Pork Mask
Pork Neck Bones
Pork Neck Bones
Pork Picnics BNLS
Pork Side Ribs `
Pork Snouts
Pork Softbones
Pork Stomach

Pork Brain
Pork Bung Casing